. (serendipiteous) wrote in chennai,


At a staggering 4 posts a year, this community sucks just a tiny bit more than the city itself.

Which, believably, is a difficult feat.

Wont anyone stand up? Tell me what you hate/love about the city.

- The coffee! The COFFEE!

- Idlis and dosas unlimited and affordable (especially when you come from Delhi where Sagar Ratna charges you nearly a hundred bucks for a dosa)

- Cheap rent. Though probably not for much longer.

- - - - ves
- The penchant of the people for taking advantage of/ eyesing suspiciously, anyone not local.

- The obsession of Chennai-ites with light skin.

- The unfriendly and cliquey youth. And the 'I have never seen a woman before' attitude of college boys. God forbid anyone ever make a new friend in a coffee shop.  In short, sexual repression.
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