Help needed: Theatre in Chennai

Hi All,

I am with a theatre group in Bangalore and we are looking to perform in Chennai. I unfortunately wasn't active on the stage scene when I lived in Chennai, so would need help and advice on the following:
1. existing theatre halls in Chennai with details of location, facilities, costs, performance timing rules, etc.;
2. contact details of people we can approach for performing in these halls.

Google has not yielded much useful information.

Kindly do forward this post to artiste friends of yours who might be in the know. I can be contacted via:
1. a comment to this post (all comments will be screened) with further contact details;
2. an email to karan[point]shah[at]gmail[point]com.

Many thanks, Karan.
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Descent of the Ganga


Mamallapuram, about an hour south of Chennai along India's East coast, hosts India's largest and most dramatic relief-sculpture representing the celebrated myth of the descent of the river Ganga from heaven to earth. The Great Penance, is carved out of a giant granite rock wall 27 meters wide and 9 meters tall, and the project was believed to be initiated during the reign of the Pallava King Mahendra Varman, ca 7th century bce.

While a traditional sculpture (or other work of art) would memorialize a climactic scene, this Great Penance is depicted as a "continuous narrative," wherein multiple scenes from a series of events are portrayed on the same canvas, permitting the observer to focus on different parts of the work and recollect different scenes in the narrative. The more details one observes and associates, the more richer the experience.

Three more pics and rest of writeup


Chennai photo scanning services

It's been a long time since I've been back. Last time I lived here for more than a few months was in 1986. Somehow my heart still feels really comfortable here. Despite 8 years in Bangalore and loving it, and 12 years in the Oosa (USA), I find that Madras has managed to maintain a lot of grace and social community concepts while Bangalore has given way to a more individualistic westernism. This and that I can speak the language makes a tremendous impact on my sense of belonging even though I've never been an adult here.

In April 2007, I expressed some of my Madras memories, which some of you may recognize or share. I am here again now, fully realizing the weight of adulthood, for the death of a family member.

With the passing comes a need to record memories in some permanent way. I need a service that can carefully scan piles of black and white photographs, and will not empty the bank or destroy the photos in the process. If there are any near Mylapore or Nilgiris that would be even more soopar.

Udavi please ?


Hi All,

Are there any public good basketball courts around Chennai (outdoor\indoor doesn't matter)? That could be used by anyone freely (or with membership or whatever).

I know IIT has a couple but that's a bit far for me. Anything else?

So far all the ones I've seen are in schools and colleges which, I've been led to believe, are not for use by anyone outside the institute.

I'm in Kodambakam. Anything near there?
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Fast Food: Murugan Idli Shop

Fast Food, Coz Enlightenment is Too Damn Slow!

In Chennai, after our migraine inducing Saree Shopping binge, our driver recommend we try Mugugan Idli Shop. An interesting place. There was a long line and we had to wait about 30 minutes to get a table. But once inside, the service was very fast. Despite it being a Idli place, we all ended up ordering different types of dosas! In lieu of plates, servers bring banana leaves, which we wipe clean. Another serves several different types of chutneys on each leaf (plate). The dosas are actually brought on a tray and the server (with gloved hands) carefully places each dosa on our leaf.

I think M got this Onion Uttappa. I was like: I want that! :-E Mumbai-side, the onions are usually minced, here these round sliced onions give it an artistic touch!

Two more pics

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Kanchi Kamakshi


Kanchi is verily the City of Temples. Poems composed in the 2nd century ce refer to a shrine dedicated to the love goddess (Kamakshi - eyes of love). The current Kamakshi temple (Sri Kanchi Kamakshi Peetham Sri Kamakshi Ambal) was built by the Pallavas in the 8th century.

Replicating the original shrine, Adi Shankaracharya installed the Shri Chakra Yantra in front of a beautiful Lalita Kamakshi seated in padmasana - lotus pose. Puja and archana (offering) are made not to the murti, but to the yantra in front - how cool is that!

Write-up and three more images from Kanchi

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hey ppl,
ive hung in live journal for quite some time now 
i dont post often .. ve been in chennai for quite some time now....nice place it is ...but its burning hot these dayz
anyone wants to add me go ahead ..u'll gt quite a few reads now on.. um holidaying ..will keep updating ...

Tirth Yatra: Temples of Tamil Nadu

Even as a kid, I enjoyed visiting temples. The prasad was certainly a big draw. I'd stop by random SatyaNarayana Pujas, just to partake of the nectarine prasad. But the aarti bhajans were equally soothing. At annual GSB Ganapati celebrations at Wadala, while we were enticed by stalls selling bhajiyas and bondas, we first paid our respects to Ganapati, our friend and confidant, with whom we traded future visits for good performance in exams.

Long write-up and one more pic