Karan Shah (kshah) wrote in chennai,
Karan Shah

Help needed: Theatre in Chennai

Hi All,

I am with a theatre group in Bangalore and we are looking to perform in Chennai. I unfortunately wasn't active on the stage scene when I lived in Chennai, so would need help and advice on the following:
1. existing theatre halls in Chennai with details of location, facilities, costs, performance timing rules, etc.;
2. contact details of people we can approach for performing in these halls.

Google has not yielded much useful information.

Kindly do forward this post to artiste friends of yours who might be in the know. I can be contacted via:
1. a comment to this post (all comments will be screened) with further contact details;
2. an email to karan[point]shah[at]gmail[point]com.

Many thanks, Karan.
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